To register a parent account, open the browser on your cell phone and enter your school’s unique portal address. 

We suggest you use CHROME as a browser for the best user experience.

You can also find your school portal HERE.

Please note that you do not have to create an account for your child/ren. They already have an account with us that is linked to their cashless band or card. 


save to device

The school portal is a web app that functions like an app and can be saved onto your device. When you arrive at the login page, click on ADD TO HOME SCREEN or INSTALL.


Click on CREATE ACCOUNT in the top right-hand corner. Then fill in your email and a password of your choice. 

If your username is already in use, contact us via WhatsApp.  


Once your account has been created, go to your inbox and verify your email. If you do not receive an email from ALLXS contact us via the WhatsApp support and we will verify it for you.

Login again and fill out your details. Ensure that you have clicked on the GENDER drop-down box and there are no spaces in your phone number. When you set the number of children, only add the children who will use the Allxs Cashless System.

If we ask you to enter an OTP number, check your cellphone for the push notification.

If the page is static when you click SUBMIT, one of the fields has not been completed. Look for any boxes that are highlighted in red.



The next page will ask you to link your child. Fill in the number that is on your child’s card. If you do not have a card/account number for your child please contact us via WhatsApp support and we will give it to you.

Fill in your child’s date of birth and click LOOKUP.

Once your child is linked we will ask you to fill in their details to complete the process.

your dashboard

Once your account is set up you will see your dashboard. The wallet is your primary account and your child’s account is under linked accounts just below it. Scroll down to view their account details.  

view statements

If you want to see statements, set dietary restrictions, and low balance alerts or change notifications, click on PROFILE under your child’s balance.

deposit funds into the card

To make a payment into the card you can do an EFT with internet banking or deposit at a Nedbank ATM.

Use your primary Allxs account number as a reference when you make the deposit, and we will allocate the funds to your wallet. You can then log on to your account and do a transfer to the card by clicking on the TRANSFER button.

Alternatively, you can make a deposit directly into the card. Use your child’s Allxs card/account numbers as a reference when you make the EFT’s and we will allocate the funds to the card for you.

bank details

Click on TOP UP in your wallet to find our bank details or pay with your credit or debit card. 

We only need the Allxs card or account number as a reference when you make a payment. You do not have to add your child’s name or your email address. 

This will ensure your payment is allocated automatically without a delay.

Please note that payments take 1 banking day to reflect unless you are with Nedbank.

To pay with your debit or credit card, click on the green USE BANK CARD button 



To log out of your account, click on the log out icon on the top right-hand corner.


If you need to contact us, scroll down and  click on the WhatsApp start chat button.