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Looking for a ticketing or payment solutions for your school event? No matter which way you would like to use the system, we have you covered. Digital tickets are loaded directly onto the student card and are redeemed by tapping a reader or Point of sale device.

Sell your tickets online

Sell tickets online
Sell tickets for school events, busses any item in your unlimited online shops.
Sell tickets at point of sale
Our integrated cashless Point of Sale can sell and redeem tickets. Tickets can be printed or scanned. Digital tickets can be added directly to the student’s card for easy redemption.
Cashless payments
Cashless payments include EFT, Allxs cashless payments, Master Pass and bank cards. Sell tickets and redeem tickets across a range of options.

Be part of something great!

The Allxs smart school ID comes with an integrated mobile commerce platform for your school. You can add as many vendors as you like to your marketplace, and each vendor can manage their own products. The order and collection system will manage the orders, automate the payments and authenticate the collections.

Your dedicated school portal (eg hosts the digital marketplace and your community can register, place their orders and collect their purchases at a designated time and place.


The system can also help manage your social distancing at your live event with the order and collect functionality. The live system can print the orders live at the vendor stand and your customers can come and collect their orders by scanning the unique QR which is generated by our Web app on the customers phone. Students and staff can also use their Smart School ID to collect the orders they place online or make purchases at the vendor stand.

No matter which way you would like to use the system, we have you covered for all purchase types including ecommerce, bank cards, Snap Scan, and various Master Pass enabled banking apps. This makes your events faster and safer covering all types of contactless payments. Launch your fund raising market days digitally and safely and sell more than ever before.


Unlimited online stores and products for your school
5% transaction Fee

  • Tickets
  • Merchandise
  • Hospitality


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