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Canteen Point of Sale

Our cloud based canteen Point of Sale keeps all your locations in perfect sync with up to the minute business intelligence. The cashless canteen app enables the client to launch an online and a mobile store directly integrated into their cashless canteen point of sale and inventory system.

Integrated Payments

Cashless payments are fully integrated, automating the reconciliation process. Cashless Payment options include closed loop card payments, biometric authentication or our unique QR generated by our progressive web app on your phone valid for 10 seconds per payment attempt for enhanced security.

Live Product, Voucher and Price Administration

Add new products and make price changes live. Once updated on the back office, all canteen POS systems are instantly updated. Product specific vouchers, discount vouchers and authentication vouchers are available. Set voucher validity by date, time of day, outlet, and product.

Canteen Self Service Kiosk

The canteen Pos Application can be deployed as a canteen self service kiosk with its easy-to-use interface. Users can tap device, place the order and receive receipts for collection. Collections can also be authenticated through QR, card and biometrics.

Pre-Order Engine

This feature differs from app ordering. The pre-order system is for in advance order management by week, month or longer if desired. This system manages rotating menus by date and group. Collections are integrated into the canteen POS and can be authenticated by card, QR or biometrics.


Payment Automation

Closed loop payment system with host to host banking integrations for seamless payments, top ups and settlements. Payments can be processed using cards, biometrics, mobile phone or Credit/Debit cards. Top up account with bank cards, EFT and ATM. Cash ups are automatically reconciled and settled by Pos and outlet with respective reporting.

Closed Loop Payments

Customers load value onto their virtual account using EFT, bank cards or ATM. Once inside the closed loop transactions are represented using virtual currency until settled to the vendors through our host to host integration. A settlement file is created which the banks server collects and executes based on the instructions in the file.

In App Payments

Pay with your phone by scanning your unique app generated QR code at the Point of Sale. This QR code is only valid for 10 seconds, after which it is invalid and a new code needs to be generated. This is for enhanced security preventing any screenshots of your code from falling into the wrong hands.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Bank card acquiring is directly integrated into our Point of Sale terminal, ensuring a seamless payment experience and automatic reconciliation.


Biometric authentication is available as an option for cardless cashless payments and collections.


Unit of Measure Management

Receive in cases and sell in pre-configured units defined by product and supplier.

Virtual Warehouse Management

Ensure that your inventory is depleting from the correct stock while always having a birds’ eve view of all available stock across the operation.

Requisitions and Transfers

With the entire system live in the cloud, minimum par levels can be set to automatically issue requisitions as sales are processed on the point of sale. Never run out of stock of anything again.

Suppliers, Purchase Orders and GRN’s

Manage your suppliers, purchase orders and good received notes from your back office or integrate into your existing procurement system

Live Business Intelligence

Access live business intelligence to help drive sales and minimise losses. Push expiring inventory using our integrated promotional tools.


Canteen App Ordering

Fully integrated multi outlet environment with a single basket ordering experience. Directly integrated into each outlets canteen point of sale and inventory system.

Canteen App Account Management

Live access to available balance and rewards points. Itemised purchase history for your canteen app orders and purchases at canteen point of sale. Set personal preferences for communication, dietary restrictions and top up account right on your phone.

Click and Collect

Payments and collections are authenticated with unique QR code generated for 10 seconds to ensure added security, biometrics or NFC card with the option of a PIN.

Special Offers and Digital Receipts

Paperless solution offers all communications via a selection of digital channels, including live special offers from relevant outlets, digital receipts and low balance alerts.

Progressive Web App

The canteen app is delivered as a progressive web app which, when launched from the users’ home screen, loads instantly, regardless of the state of the network, ensuring an instant, reliable experience for the users. Progressive web apps are installable and live on the user’s home screen, with no an app store. They offer an immersive full screen experience and can even reengage users with push notification.


In App Promotion

Promotions are static in app banners announcing menus, specials and can be delivered in text or rich media.

In App Special Offers

In app offers are product linked with a purchase option. These offers can be delivered as per the users’ personal preferences using push messages, email, sms and in app messages.

Digital Receipts

Digital receipts are delivered as per user preferences and can be configured to deliver basic receipts or tax invoices..

Low Balance Alerts

Low balance alerts are delivered as per user preferences, notifying the user when their closed loop account has fallen below the user prescribed minimum account balance.



Promotions are static in app banners announcing menus, specials and can be delivered in text or rich media.


In app offers are product linked with a purchase option. These offers can be delivered as per the users’ personal preferences using push messages, email, sms and in app messages.

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