5 Things Allxs Loyalty and Rewards can do for your business.

The ALLXS rewards card and app is a shared platform where communities and their members can engage on a single app while having a customised user interface that allows for direct communication, purchasing and, rewards. The application delivers custom content from the member clubs, events, associations, schools or special interest groups based on the user profile and location.

How is Allxs Loyalty and Rewards servicing the golf industry.

Golf clubs are able to deliver available tee of times to their members in a specified location with an in-app booking system for a convenient experience. The application can integrate into your club card with an in app wallet for balances, top ups and purchases. The community app has a full featured e-wallet integrated into its own cashless payment card.

What can Allxs Loyalty and Rewards do for my Event.

Cashless payments improve your customer experience by improving access control, queue times and access to priority information using our location based mobile applications. Cashless Events Payments statistics report increased revenues by over 30%

What can Allxs Loyalty and Rewards card do for my Restaurant, Bar or Club.

Technology has leveled the playing feel and not businesses of all sizes can befit from delivering a personalised experience to all of their customers. Our platform gives any business the ability to issue their own gift cards which can be redeemed at a single location or multiple locations. Award points for specific purchases or across the board. Convert points to cash value or vouchers.  Deliver discount vouchers, coupons or tickets all linked directly to your customers rewards card or mobile app.

What can Allxs Loyalty and Rewards do for your neighborhood?

Our closed loop payment, voucher and ticketing system gives you the power to create a passport to your town or neighborhood. Load multiple discounts, tickets, vouchers and value onto a single card that can be redeemed at all the member outlets. Keep your visitors coming back by creating memorable experiences. Managing your VIP’s has never been easier.

What can Allxs Loyalty and Rewards do to make my business safer?

Remove all cash from your premises by upgrading to our cashless point of sale. Our fully featured point of sale system works with credit cards and your own branded prepaid cards. Increase controls and prevent losses by removing all cash from your business and the temptations that come with it. Cashless payments, loyalty, rewards, access control, attendance control, stock control and key insights into your business have never been easier.