The Future is Quite Literally in Our Hands

Tap, tap, tap. That is what our future sounds like, all from the palm of our hands. From wristbands and cards to NFC enabled smartphones, the future in transaction and payment can literally be done from one convenient and seamless place.

Allxs now provides you with the ability to walk into your local store and effortlessly tap your NFC enabled card or phone to their in store terminals. By doing so, your transaction is quick, easy, secure and convenient. Additionally, every transaction has complete transparency allowing you to view every payment which reduces theft substantially. No cash, no problem. But it does not stop there, because of the nature of the tap and go payment, que times are also drastically reduced as the payment process is as easy as 1,2,3. Choose your product, tap your card, enjoy.

Not convinced? Lets look at an even more important part of the future of our world – our children’s education. Would it not then make sense to integrate this payment method in the very place our children learn?

NFC at Schools

School life is extremely busy as it is, buying uniforms, stationery, books, school fees, transport, fundraisers, field trips, filling out forms, the list goes on and on. So why not make these responsibilities as effortless as possible? Now we can. With Allxs, campuses can become fully automated. With access and stock control features, campus life has never been safer. You can manage all of your accounts that are easily topped up at any time that suits you. Additionally, you will be able to view any orders and payment history and receive an email when your account has been suspended or is running low on funds. This system provides schools with a closed loop internal cashless payment management system, specifically designed for campus life.  By linking a single or multiple accounts directly to a student’s NFC enabled photo ID card your child is allowed the freedom to access, pay, redeem, donate and be rewarded with a single tap.


  • View orders and payment history.
  • Set up daily spending limits.
  • Manage dietary restrictions.
  • Pre-order lunches online.
  • Monitor spending and purchasing.
  • Advanced features such as allergy warnings help to alert campus cafeteria staff.
  • Ensures the money allocated is being spent on campus.


School life has never been easier, safer and enjoyable! Join the revolution here with Allxs.