Cashless Delivery Payments for your cash customers

Does your business deliver goods on a regular basis to a largely cash customer base and need a solution to take cash out of the equation without alienating any of your customer base? This solution is for you and not only will it solve the risks attached to collecting large amounts of cash but it will streamline your operation and improve customer relations. How does it work.

  • On board your customer base into the Allxs cashless payments platform through a data import, online console or customised API.
  • Issue your customers with their branded NFC cashless cards secured with PIN and accompanying account number.
  • Customer deposit their cash using an ATM into your companies aggregate bank account using the allocated account number as a reference and our system does the rest.
  • The value is allocated to your customers cashless card, ready to transact the next time you deliver their order.
  • The customer can place their order using your traditional methods or our pre-order engine.
  • When the order is delivered, the customer taps their NFC cashless card against the drivers mobile device to process the payment. The application is compatible with any NFC enabled android device or chose from a range of our POS devices.

  • Every customer has access to an online dashboard with account management, purchase history and a range of reporting.
  • Every customer has access to a mobile app with an integrated wallet for quick balance reference and ordering interface.

  • This creates a communication platform to reach your customers with location based capabilities allowing you to interact with the right customer at the right time.
  • Empower your small business customer by allowing them to use their very same application to manage their own business with our comprehensive point of sale and stock management features.
  • Access live actionable intelligence and make better marketing decisions. The Allxs customer engagement platform gives you the tools to manage your cashless payments, communications, vouchers and rewards in one single solution. Removing risk, improving efficiency, and your customer relationships.