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We are a technology company focused on changing the consumer experience space by weaving the digital world seamlessly into customer’s everyday lives. Our offering includes a cloud based platform, a family of products and a suite of professional services that integrate with consumer’s devices to create personalized, convenient, memorable and secure experiences.

We specialise in contactless technology solutions. Our cashless card platform can help you manage your risk and improve efficiency with your very own closed loop payment, rewards and customer management platform. Now any business can experience automatically scalable cloud computing powered by our proprietary NFC enabled contactless transaction management platform. ALLXS has your business covered with our plug and play customisable solution. ALLXS is more than a cashless card payment system, we are a complete customer, events, access control, loyalty, rewards and inventory management solution.

Your Own APP with contextual marketing capabilities that delivers the right message at the right time. No product on the market combines a mobile POS with an e-wallet, credit card processing, cashless and voucher management, location based messaging, stock management and procurement capabilities. Already have an APP? Speak to us about integrating the services we offer. ALLXS combines its diverse skill set and passion to deliver value across a number of channels. Weaving the latest trends in technology, entertainment, education and finance. ALLXS delivers a layer of contextual communication across all our fields of expertise delivering a superior customer engagement and experience.


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